May 7, 2021: Protesters hold a banner that reads, "Who are we? Yangon residents" during a demonstration against the military coup in Yangon. May 7, 2021: Policemen arrest a man for not wearing a face mask in Colombo as Sri Lanka is cracking down on people violating health regulations as part of an attempt to control a surge in Covid-19 coronavirus infections. May 7, 2021: Relatives wearing protective gear prepare for the burial of a Covid-19 coronavirus victim at a graveyard in Srinagar on May 7, 2021. May 7, 2021: Mount Sinabung spews hot ash and smoke into the sky, seen from Karo, in North Sumatra. May 7, 2021: A screen shows Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga speaking during a press conference to announce the extension of a coronavirus state of emergency, in Tokyo. May 6, 2021: People surround lit candles placed forming the acronym S.O.S. during a protest against President Ivan Duque's government, in Medellin, Colombia. Colombia's government on Thursday invited protest leaders to a dialogue in an attempt to calm tensions following more than a week of deadly demonstrations against President Ivan Duque. May 6, 2021: Nicholas Galanin's installation 'Never Forget' is seen as part of the Desert X art exhibitions in Palm Springs, Calif. May 6, 2021: A rainbow is seen as it rains over the Bondi Beach in Sydney. May 6, 2021: A man transports a car on a horse cart to a repair shop along a street in Amritsar. May 6, 2021: A Buddhist follower prays in front of lotus lanterns at Jogye temple in Seoul ahead of celebrations marking Buddha's birthday in South Korea. May 5, 2021: A demonstrator hangs on a slackline during a protest against President Ivan Duque's government in Medellin, Colombia. Thousands of people returned to the streets of Colombia on Wednesday in rejection of the government of Ivan Duque, following a week of pressure with demonstrations that turned violent in some cities and left some twenty people dead. May 5, 2021: A woman carries a wooden cross during a pilgrimage to pray that the Pacaya volcano decreases its activity, in San Vicente Pacaya, Guatemala.


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(WBTV) -Traffic slammed as crews shutdown part of the I-77 bridge over the Catawba River. Repairs are expected to take three weeks if everything goes as planned. Today, drivers got a glimpse of just how bad traffic is going to be throughout all of York County. ”It’s dumb. It’s stupid. It sucks,” said learn more here one driver. Those are just some of the words drivers are using to describe the pile up of traffic on I-77. However, on these county wide backups everyone has an opinion. ”We need it. The area’s growing and we gotta do something so. One day at a time,” said one man. ”They should have done this on a later date. A different way. It could have been a better way to get this done,” said one woman. No matter how you feel, there was not a lot of places to escape being bumper to bumper. Even alternate routes turned a five minute trip into 50 minutes.